The Costikyan Carpet Cleaning Difference

For more than 125+ years the Costikyan family has been specializing in antique carpet and rug care.

Costikyan's technicians evaluate the type of dirt, the type of fiber, the color fastness of the dyes, and the strength of the cleaning agents in preparation of each job.



  The Benefits of using professional Carpet Cleaners

      -  Deep cleaning of ground-in dirt particles reduces carpet fiber loss.

     -  High Powered water extraction minimizes the likelihood of mold developing.

     -  Professional grade cleaning agents eliminates allergens, dander and germs.

     -  Guarantee that the rug cleaning is not done until it is done completely.



  Costikyan's Six Step Carpet Cleaning Process

   1.  Professional grade vacuum remove embedded dust particles

   2.  Submerge the rugs in a pool of water

   3.  hand scrub the rugs while submerged

   4.  High intensity water extraction

   5.  Fluff and comb the pile in its natural direction

   6.  Suspend the rug in a climate controlled dry room (110 degrees full aircondition)