S Kent Costikyan


When company founder S Kent Costikyan first entered the United States in 1884, he was headed away from the family rug business toward a ministerial education at Colgate Academy in Hamilton, New York. But family concerns beckoned him. When a certain shipment of oriental rugs ended up unsold in New York, Mr. Costikyan took over the shipment and sold it to some of the academy’s faculty members.


The reception given those oriental rugs inspired a shift in S Kent Costikyan’s professional direction. In 1886, Costikyan Freres, an importing business, was founded by Mr. Costikyan in Rochester, N.Y. Subsequently, the business transferred to New York City, Mr. Costikyan established the firm of Kent-Costikyan, Inc. in 1900.

The house that S Kent Costikyan built was renowned for its collection of museum quality period carpets as well as its selection of 19th and 20th century carpets from the Mid East, Far East and European continent. He also created a division which handled fine carpeting manufactured both in the United States and abroad.

Clarke followed in his father’s footsteps following his graduation from Yale University in 1925. Both were highly respected experts in their field. Clarke was the outside consultant for both Parke-Bernet Galleries and the U.S. Customs for over twenty years.


Clarke W. Costikyan


Clarke W. Costikyan, third child of S. Kent Costikyan, joined his father’s firm following his graduation from Yale in 1925.


He became President of Kent-Costikyan, Inc. in 1940. His vision was to expand the range of products offered to the growing Interior Design Trade. Clarke Costikyan personally develop weaving facilities in Spain, China, India, France and shortly after World War II, Japan. Kent-Costikyan, Inc. was now able to offer custom made products of various qualities to their clients. There was a shift in the floor covering business. Clients were seeking alternatives to traditional Oriental Rugs. As a result Clarke Costikyan launched a broadloom division that included the very finest machine made products from the US and Europe.

Antique Rugs remained Clarke Costikyan’s area of expertise. He was the rug specialist at the Parke Bernet Galleries until Parke Bernet merged with Sotheby’s in the late 1960’s. He also was the rug expert for the U. S. Customs and the Arbitration Board of New York City.

The Service and Sales Divisions of Kent-Costikyan were consolidated in the 1950’s due to the increase and demand for Costikyan’s unparalleled cleaning and restoration business. During this time Clarke Costikyan was named the consultant of carpets for Winterthur and San Simeon.