125 Years Of History!

 S. Kent Costikyan, founder of Kent- Costikyan, Inc., was born in Marsovan, Asia Minor and educated at Colgate Academy, where he spent two years specializing in American history.


His father’s export company in Constantinople made a shipment of Oriental rugs to a New York dealer. The dealer failed to remit payment, asserting there was no American Market for them. The rugs were then turned over S. Kent who sold them to the faculty members of Colgate Academy, a transaction that created a demand for similar rugs.


In 1886 a shipment was made to him, and he organized a division of the firm of Costikyan Freres in Rochester, New York. In the next decade he created a public appreciation of Oriental weaves, establishing branches of Costikyan Freres in important centers of the country.


In 1900 the firm of Costikyan Freres was dissolved. The firm name of Kent-Costikyan was derived by coupling the family surname of his wife, Mary Kent, with his own.