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Rug Restoration and Care

-  Deep cleaning of ground-in dirt particles reduces carpet fiber loss.

-  High Powered water extraction minimizes the likelihood of mold developing.

-  Professional grade cleaning agents eliminates allergens, dander and germs.

-  Guarantee that the rug cleaning is not done until it is done completely.

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Yacht Services

In addition, we work with many marine carpeting installations, providing services on yachts, fishing boats, sailboats or cruisers.

Installation of wall to wall carpet, Making incisions in the rug and tacking down to floor to prevent movement at sea.  Cleaning and fiber treating of  all furniture, carpets, rugs, and pillows/ Tacking down of all lining specifically cut to prevent movement at sea.

It is our mission at Costikyan to properly and professionally maintain your carpeting wherever we can be of service, whether it is on land, in the air, or out at sea.


 Jet Services

We offer aircraft carpeting installation for private jets and planes.

Installation of wall to wall carpet/ laying of rugs and making incisions to tack down to floor to prevent movement in flight. Fiber treat all furniture, carpets, rugs and pillows.